Reference projects

Student housing project Frankfurt

EUR 20 million total construction volume, here we provide the construction management for the entire project.

Stuttgart construction project

New construction of a corporate headquarters, here we provide the construction management and invoicing for a dry construction lot, approx. 2 million EUR construction volume

Tenant fit-out Erfurt

Roof conversion of an office space into a dental practice, approx. 100 TEUR construction volume, here we provide the construction management and invoicing.

Industrial construction project

Addition of a workshop area as a dry construction module. Here we provided construction management, advice and invoicing for the drywall construction and painting trades. approx. 200 kEUR total construction volume. Special challenge: meeting deadlines and quality.

Construction management project villa renovation

Basic renovation of the villa, here we provided the construction management for the renovation of the sanitary units, tiling, flooring, painting and drywall construction as well as further work on the outdoor facilities. Total construction volume approx. EUR 580 thousand. Special challenge: highest quality of execution.

Construction accounting for micro apartments

New construction of a residential complex with micro-apartments, approx. EUR 2.1 million construction volume, here we provided the invoicing according to individual items for the interior plastering and drywall construction trades. Special challenge: sound insulation.

Client consulting, industrial construction

300 million EUR total construction volume (industrial construction), here we provide consulting in the final project phase for the client, requirements for defect rectification, documentation, invoicing.

Project management project, commercial building, Frankfurt

EUR 3 million total construction volume, where we accompanied the acceptance process for the general contractor.

Project 1 - Site management and measurement

Project management for hotel construction, Frankfurt 5*

EUR 7 million total construction volume, here we provided the construction management for building construction (in particular the trades: demolition, drywall construction, painting, tiling) and prepared the construction accounts for the partial general contractor.

Technical due diligence, Mainz

Survey of the inventory, preparation of a red-flag report, preparation of the detailed report with renovation proposals

Project management refurbishment hotel, Dresden

Complete range of services, costs, deadlines Qualities

New hotel project, Frankfurt

Preparation of the schedule for a hotel project. The small-scale and repetitive processes in the rooms were a particular challenge.

Project development residential construction project, Bad Vilbel

Cost planning and developer calculation. The cost assumptions for the construction period as well as times and expected purchase prices were a particular challenge 

Due diligence for the purchase, Hanover

Due diligence for existing properties with > 100,000 sqm of space 

Consulting construction company, Rhine-Main, 2022

Here we provided advice on digital transformation and construction process optimization.

Consulting project, Retail

EUR 2 million construction volume, here we provided the project management for fire protection upgrades and safety lighting for the owner.